Romance (58)
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    Four seventeen and eighteen year-olds from South London – Carol-Anne, Jeanette, Terry, and Mark – head to Brighton, intent on a weekend of seaside fun. Dancing, drinking, and sex are high on the agenda, and not necessarily in that order.

    It’s the Swinging Sixties, and the world is changing fast. An exciting time, but a confusing one, too. Freedom is all very well, but brings with it endless worries and complications. Each of the teenagers has a secret; nobody is quite what they seem.
    Especially Jeanette.

    When she disappears on a night out, tensions begin to rise as the others struggle to work out what to do. They agree on two points: no parents, and no police.

    But can they really handle the situation on their own?

    In the midst of the chaos, one thing is certain: after the weekend, nothing will ever be the same again.

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    Katie Button’s getting married!

    Katie’s soul mate and true love, James, has proposed and she said, ‘Yes!’ All is perfect in Katie World. Until the arrival of James’ best mate, Will Hunter, and Katie’s new work colleague, Colette Andrews.

    Flirty and sexy ladies man, Will, is leading straight laced James astray. The bond between them is strong so even James’ brother, Jack, is excluded. But Will is the brother of James’ first love, Chloe, and they share the grief of her passing together.

    James is having past life dreams but he refuses to share or admit to Katie. It’s Will who tells her the dreams are about Chloe and that James still loves her. Not wanting to appear unsympathetic, Katie tries to brush off the ‘first love verses true love’ scenario Will has painted, but knows there’s more secrets Will has yet to reveal about James.

    Not so secret is the crush Colette has on James but Katie thinks it’s harmless until she starts to question why James appears to be getting close to Colette. With her relationship unravelling, her wedding plans up in the air, Katie wonders if there is a future with James when James’ head is being turned, and he is clinging on to the past.

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    ***The Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction First Place Category Winner***

    “Never had she imagined she would be brought so low, and all for the love of a very bad man.”


    Convict’s daughter, Laetitia Beedham, is set on an epic journey from the back streets of London, through transportation to Barbados and gruelling plantation life, into the clutches of notorious pirates John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, Mary Read and the treacherous Anne Bonny.

    In a world of villainy and deceit, where black men are kept in chains and a woman will sell her daughter for a few gold coins, Laetitia can find no one in whom to place her trust.

    As the King’s men close in on the pirates and the noose begins to tighten around their necks, who will win her loyalty and her heart?

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    Work to impress, dance to express.

    It’s a long way to go to create a new life for yourself.

    Classical ballerina, Flora Gatehouse, has no choice but to take a risk. Having failed an important ballet audition in London, she moves to a small cottage in a forest just outside Lisbon, Portugal, her only inheritance following her father’s death.

    Soon, Flora is involved in village life, where fate takes a new twist when she becomes attracted to forest ranger, Marco. But they are off to a shaky start.

    Can Flora find acceptance in a foreign land, in a magical place that harbours secrets and heartache?

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    When dance teacher Gina Pendleton throws her cheating boyfriend out of her house, she must find a way of earning extra money to pay the bills. The obvious answer is to offer dance classes at her home, even though she knows this will incur the wrath of the owner of the local well-established dance school.

    Her life becomes even more fraught when she is targeted by vandals and intruders.

    After she meets Chris Jackson, it doesn’t take her long to realise that he is the man of her dreams, especially as he’s also a wonderful dancing partner.

    But can she really trust him when it appears that he is hiding something from her?

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    The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling Black Eyed Boy

    A year after driving away to begin their new life together as travelling gypsies, things are less than perfect for Emily and Dylan.

    Although Emily has accepted the dark secret of the black-eyed clan, she cannot find the courage to make the transition herself, leaving her always on the outside.

    A natural disaster sends Emily rushing back to her home town of Whitby, where her life is instantly turned upside down and she is left confused by her new feelings, especially when she spots a familiar face in the crowds. Emily and Dylan soon drift apart, and the void becomes wider by the day.

    What will it take for Emily to realise what she stands to lose? And will it be too late? As she ponders her options, fate strikes. A stranger has discovered the secret of the black-eyed clan – and Emily finds herself in a dangerous and terrifying situation. The clock is ticking.

    And only one black-eyed boy can save her.

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    Dublin, 1730

    When young and beautiful Mary Molesworth is forced to marry Robert Rochford, widowed heir to the earldom of Belfield, she finds that her idea of love is not returned. Jealous, cruel and manipulative, Robert ignores her after she has provided him with a male heir, preferring to spend his nights with his mistress. Power-hungry, Robert builds up a reputation that sees him reach for the highest positions in Ireland.

    Caught in an unhappy marriage, Mary begins to grow closer to Robert’s younger brother, Arthur. Acknowledging their love for each other, they will risk everything to be together. But Robert’s revenge threatens their lives and tears them apart.

    Will Mary and Arthur find a way to escape Robert’s clutches?

    Based on real events, Heart of Stone is a tale of power, jealousy, imprisonment, and love, set in 1740s Ireland.

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    Jessica Lavelle likes her life exactly as it. She has the peace of the bay and the bustle of London. She has her magic, her family, and a job that she loves.

    And when Sebastian comes to work at the museum, she even has the chance for a little flirting, which is never a bad thing in her book.

    Sebastian knows how quickly things can go bad. He’d thought that coming to London would be a fresh start, but some things you just can’t run away from.

    As the attraction between them deepens, can they outrun what hunts them, or is it too late?


    Hunter Moon is a bewitching standalone novel, but is also the second book in the Langston Bay Trilogy, featuring Thea, Jessica and Adam.

    The first in the trilogy, Thunder Moon, is available in ebook and paperback, and the final, Cold Moon, is due for release in early 2018.

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    A raw story of hope and love, which addresses real life emotions and hits compromise head on.

    “Do I do the right thing, or do I live while I still can?”

    Ann is faced with a dilemma as she grapples with her sense of duty towards her ailing husband, Robert. She finds consolation in nature while walking in the hills of Sussex, but wrestles with her conscience when she enjoys yearned-for attention from a stranger, Duncan.

    Peace of mind eludes her, until she returns full circle and discovers an age-old truth.

    A tale of life and love from the author of the acclaimed Breath of Africa!

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    “I slept with someone else”

    Those five words changed everything.

    After her husband Ross drops a bombshell, Jenny’s emotions go hay-wire. Things are made even more complex when his brother Aiden makes a confession of his own…

    A holiday escape with her friend Hayley seems the perfect way to figure out what – and who – she wants.

    But Hayley has a hidden motive that results in Jenny spending time with her ex-boyfriend Will, who is now married.

    Should Jenny forgive Ross? Can she ignore her feelings for romantic Aiden? And why can’t she get Will out of her head?

    One thing is for sure: Jenny doesn’t want to be alone. Surely any man is better than no man, right?

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