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    Robbie MacFarlane is a disappointment to his father.

    Named after the top striker of Hearts Football Club, his dad calls him their lucky mascot, but Robbie has two left feet and secretly spends his time in the world of books.
    His dad says books are for girls.

    A Beautiful Game is an honest, deeply moving coming-of-age story that will spirit you back to the days of school bullies, first dates and graffiti on playground walls.

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    “A shockingly good debut novel about what happens when one world brutally ends and a new world begins. Self-consciously elbows its way into the company of J.G. Ballard’s Empire of the Sun and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – and like those great books, it will stay with you for long after you have read the final page. A cracking good read that has at its black heart hope, humanity and a dream of escape.
    Tony Parsons, International Bestselling Author of Man and Boy

    Michael’s life is good.
    He’s in love and about to leave home for university. Things couldn’t be better.

    Then a natural disaster hits Britain.

    With his family and friends dead, and no help forthcoming from the government, Michael sets off, alone, aiming to reach the potential safety of the continent. Along the way, he forges a new family amongst the ruins of England when he is joined by former teacher, David, parish council head, Judith, and Zanna, a student.

    As the group travels south, what remains of society deteriorates around them, revealing the darkest aspects of human desire. Amongst so much darkness, Michael must fight to uphold his own ideals.

    A tale of coming of age on a road where rules no longer apply.

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    Following a succession of late miscarriages and a subsequent suicide attempt, a recovering Grace relocates with her husband and young daughter, to renovate a tumbledown cottage in seemingly idyllic rural Oxfordshire. Shortly after the move, Grace is unsettled when confronted by the sinister image of a youth reflected in their living room mirror. As the family are accepted into the community, they learn some disturbing facts about their new home’s past.

    Stumbling upon a neglected cemetery near the cottage, Grace and her daughter discover the graves of its former occupants, the Partlowes, including nine infants. Unintentionally pregnant once more, Grace is convinced she has become the focus for a menacing presence in the house. She has an increasing sense of foreboding, as she uncovers the disturbing truth about the fate of every infant who has lived in the cottage for almost three hundred years.

    Are there indeed sinister forces at work? Or is the mentally fragile Grace heading for another breakdown?

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    Thirty years of Kenya’s recent history unfold through the lives of Caroline, a privileged woman from the fertile highlands, and Charles Ondiek, a farm labourer with dreams of an Oxford education.

 Charles’s love for Teresa, daughter of a hated settler farmer, leads to a drama of psychological terror fuelled by Mau Mau oath administrator, Mwangi, who is held in detention for six years.

    On his release, Mwangi forces Charles and Teresa apart, then turns his attention to Caroline. But she has inner resources, and joins with Charles to seek out a mysterious ancestral cave.

 Against the backdrop of Kenya’s beautiful but hostile desert, the curse is finally broken.

    But when Caroline discovers the hidden reason for Mwangi’s hatred, she wonders if she’ll ever, really, belong in the country she loves.

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    1881. Saint Anne’s Lunatic Asylum, London.

    One woman whose secret has driven her to the brink of insanity; another who claims she can tell fortunes and communicate with the dead. With seemingly no way out, and everything at stake, only one of them has the tenacity to survive.

    Lies, murder, obsession.


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    Prequel to the Amazon #1 bestselling, THE HAUNTING OF HIGHDOWN HALL, by Shani Struthers.

    “Eve is a poignant story with a knockout impact.”
    ~ Mallory Heart Reviews

    What do you do when a whole town is haunted?

    In 1899, in the North Yorkshire market town of Thorpe Morton, a tragedy occurred; 59 people died at the market hall whilst celebrating Christmas Eve, many of them children. One hundred years on and the spirits of the deceased are restless still, ‘haunting’ the community, refusing to let them forget.

    In 1999, psychic investigators Theo Lawson and Ness Patterson are called in to help, sensing immediately on arrival how weighed down the town is. Quickly they discover there’s no safe haven. The past taints everything.

    Hurtling towards the anniversary as well as a new millennium, their aim is to move the spirits on, to cleanse the atmosphere so everyone – the living and the dead – can start again. But the spirits prove resistant and soon Theo and Ness are caught up in battle, fighting against something that knows their deepest fears and can twist them in the most dangerous of ways.

    They’ll need all their courage to succeed and the help of a little girl too – a spirit who didn’t die at the hall, who shouldn’t even be there…

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    Annabelle Dare is in a good place.  She landed a sweet job, along side her best friend, teaching at the quaint Fox River Elementary School.  She has everything she needs:  teaching music to the sometimes beastly children she loves, sharing an apartment with her best friend and their fancy new retro sofa.  A simple life she’s convinced is all she needs.
    Asher Grace knows who he is and what he has to offer.  Nothing.  Poor boy from the wrong side of town, steel worker, with too much weight on his shoulders as it is trying to hold his family together.  He knows his life is no place for a good girl.  It’s why he never gets to know a girl beyond a mutual good time.  It’s why he draws a hard line between his family and the rest of the world, doing all he can to protect the ones he loves.  It’s most certainly why he avoids too sweet for her own good Annabelle at all costs.
    Annabelle falls in love with the way she comes to life with Asher.  He awakens a hunger for life and love in her that she didn’t know she possessed.  He pulls her up out of the Land of Survival she’d lived in since she was a young girl.  Asher must learn his worth beyond his upbringing and his past.  Annabelle must learn to stoke the fire of life as it burns within her and learn how close she can get before the flames lick her.

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    Lydia and Clem Davie arrive in an Igbo village in Nigeria in July 1967 just as civil war breaks out, but Lydia has trouble adjusting to life in West Africa: a place so unfamiliar and far away from everything she truly understands.

    Initially, most of the locals are welcoming and friendly, until one or two begin a frightening campaign of anti-white protests. Lydia’s life is changed irrevocably after she meets enigmatic Igbo doctor, Kwemto, and war victim, Grace. Through them Lydia learns about independence, passion and personal identity. Conflict and romance create emotional highs and lows for Lydia, whose marriage and personal beliefs slowly begin to crumble.

    Will this house in a Nigerian bush village ever seem like home?