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Olga Swan

Olga has a life-long love of writing and language. Her career has included several media appearances, and for five years she was editor of a prize-winning local magazine (c. 3000 subscribers), in which she wrote a regular viewpoint page on local issues and global concerns. For many years Olga lived in France, where she researched her historical work, Vichyssoise, from original French sources. She likes nothing more than meeting people, reading and researching. Her published books with Crooked Cat have centred on two genres: crime (3rd Degree Murder) and war-time history (Lamplight and Vichyssoise). However, she has also written for children and in the humour genre (Pensioners in Paradis: French Notes From A Broad). She has a B.A. Hons. (Open) in the Humanities, specialising in English language and literature.

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