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Lizzie Koch

Lizzie Koch is the brand new author of the romantic comedy, The Adventures of Katie Button, and her second novel, Dreaming of a Happy Ever After.

She is a fan of romantic comedy novels and movies, loving their feel good factor as they make her smile, laugh and cry. Nothing beats a fun, warm and fuzzy, happy ending.

Lizzie lives in East Sussex with her hubby and teenage son, and their bonkers cat, Indi.

Writers block is solved with chocolate, cake (or chocolate cake!) and long walks along the Sussex coast or forest. When not reading or writing, Lizzie enjoys baking (cakes), blustery beach walks, joining her friends for the pub quiz where they tend to lose badly but they do tend to have the best table picnic, her gorgeous friends, family, cocktails, eating out, binge watching box sets (when she gets her hands on the TV remote) and a wide variety of music.

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