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Ailsa Abraham

Originally Scottish/Irish, Cameron is now naturalized French and has lived there for over 20 years although she travels all over Europe. Her passions are  motorbikes (a broken spine having put paid to her dressage and eventing career with horses) and animals. The only time she will get violent is when confronted with cruelty to animals. Her two dogs are probably the most spoilt creatures in the world.

She has worked in many different jobs, including the RAF and the Merchant Navy which has given her a great insight into “men only” worlds which may be why she now considers herself genderless. She’s as at home with a chainsaw as she is with a crochet hook and makes a mean Victoria sponge cake.  Early retirement due to health problems has given her the chance to write full time, which, of course, is what she always wanted. She would still like to return to the States to ride a Harley across the wide open spaces … but there’s time for that.

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