Submit a Manuscript to Crooked Cat


So, you have a manuscript and you want to submit it to Crooked Cat for consideration. There are a few things you’ll need to know, first.

  • We’re an International ePublisher – we push our publications to Kindle, in the first instance, and it goes everywhere where Kindle is done. There are options to push it to other online places, but we find Kindle is nice and friendly. We also push to print-on-demand through Createspace. Paperback is all well and good, but you might not see our books on the High Street – they are mainly distributed to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • You’re a Jack-Of-All-Trades. In order to succeed as a published author, you’ll need to be at the centre of the process. We’ll assign you a professional editor, we’ll come up with gorgeous artwork, and we’ll connect you with the best writers and readers. But you’ll be in the front row after release with promotion and marketing. We’ll help – we’ll offer advice – but being published means you’ll need to have a good dose of gumption as well as a thick skin.
  • You’ll need to know about us. It’s only respectful, if you’re asking us to get to know you through your writing, for you to get to know us through ours. So, if you’ve not read a Crooked Cat book, try one out before you submit. It’ll be an advantage if you know what our books are about, their style, how you’d fit in, and all that jazz.

So, you still want to give this submission malarky a go? Have you got gumption? Okay. We’re going to ask for a few bits and pieces from you – and that’s where the form below comes in. Once you’ve submitted your manuscript, give us about ten weeks to come back to you. We’ll either say ‘yes please, we’d love too see more’, or ‘thank you, it isn’t for us’. Don’t take it personally, please. Remember the thick-skin thing, above?

Don’t want to submit after all? That’s all right. We have lots of books for you to read. Have a gander…

Queries? Questions? Problems? will do you.