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The Sunnit-on-Sea Snuffit Club

You can’t escape the past.

DCI Sam Harvey’s mental stability is questioned when he fails to arrest his wife and daughter’s killer. Retired from the police force on ill-health grounds, he relocates to Sunnit-on-Sea where he joins the local bowling club and becomes a member of The Snuffit Club.

Ten years later, members of the club begin to be murdered systematically. Sam suspects there could be a link between the deaths and to what happened to him before he moved to Sunnit-on-Sea.

Feeling somehow responsible, and desperate to find the killer, Sam delves into his past, and in his quest for the truth he finds a dark and secretive world lurking beneath the surface.

Is a serial killer on the loose at the Sunnit-on-Sea Snuffit Club?

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