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    David W Robinson

Life With Arfur

by: David W Robinson

A ‘True Cats’ Non-Fiction Book

How do you cope when you’re faced with a life of constant, unrelenting pain? Sometimes mild, sometimes severe, but always there, nagging at you, driving you to distraction in the search for relief.

You can cry. You can complain. You can fight or you can give in and allow it to dominate you.

Life With Arfur is an autobiographical account of one man’s battle with osteoarthritis. A progressively degenerative disease, arthritis is no laughing matter, but humour is precisely the medicine David Robinson uses in his daily battle with Arfur.

With knees that click like castanets, and fingers losing their Yorkshire-born grip on a five-pound note, he takes us through the early days of a twinging knee through the full-blooded agony of an arthritic flare-up to the final acceptance that his life is a Life With Arfur.


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