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    A haunted manor house and an angry, violent spirit.

    It’s all in a night’s work for paranormal investigator, Lady Concepta Rand-Epping and her friends, Pete Brennan and Kevin Keeley. But when the nerve-jangling events at Melmerby Manor turn up 25,000 pirate video discs, matters become even more complicated.

    Then the discs disappear and a body is left in their place. Aided by Sceptre’s ghostly butler, challenged by sceptical police officers, threatened by vicious gangsters and the rampaging ghost, their very lives are on the line as they attempt to uncover the dark secrets behind.


    A supernatural mystery with a serious vein of dark humour.

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    On the countdown to Christmas dark forces are at work in Ashdale when a vengeful and destructive spirit manifests in Ashdalean School for Boys where pop sensations The Wicked Witches are making their latest music video.

    Enter Spookies determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. While Pete is asked to find The Wicked Witches’ missing roadie, Sceptre and Kevin concentrate on trying to calm the violent spirit, and then a second angry ghost appears.

    It’s total war on the Spirit Plane, terrifying and deadly incidents in the real world, and in the background, a sinister religious organisation with its own agenda, watches the drama unfold.

    In the depths of winter, everything builds to a potentially explosive climax as Spookies seek to calm…