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    One more soul is safe.

    Brought up believing sex is the devil’s work, a killer only finds release once he has saved his victims’ souls. Abiding by his vision, he marks them as his. A gift to guide his chosen ones on the rightful path to redemption.

    Detective Inspector Paolo Storey is out to stop him, but Paolo has problems of his own. Hunting down the killer as the death toll rises, the lines soon blur between Paolo’s personal and professional lives.


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    Barnabas Tew is a private detective struggling to survive in his trade in Victorian London. Fearing that he is not as clever as he had hoped to be, he is plagued by a lack of confidence brought on in no small part by his failure to prevent the untimely deaths of several of his clients.

    Matters only get worse when Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, is referred to Barnabas by a former client (who perished in a terribly unfortunate incident which was almost certainly not Barnabas’ fault). Anubis sends for Barnabas (in a most uncivilized manner) and tells him that the scarab beetle in charge of rolling the sun across the sky every day has been kidnapped, and perhaps dismembered entirely.

    The Land of the Dead is in chaos, which will soon spill over into the Land of the Living if Barnabas – together with his trusty assistant, Wilfred – cannot set matters to right. Pulled from his predictable (if unremarkable) life in Marylebone, Barnabas must match his wits against the capricious and dangerous Egyptian gods in order to unravel the mystery of the missing beetle and thereby save the world.

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    It’s 1931.

    Nothing much has gone right for Jack since he graduated last year. His career has failed to take off, his fiancée has ditched him for someone with better prospects and now he’s received an invitation to their wedding. He dreads going to the wedding alone, surrounded by his high-achieving friends, so when he meets a beautiful girl who offers to accompany him he jumps at the chance.

    But by accepting her invitation he finds himself drawn into a world of intrigue and murder.

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    Psychic Surveys – specialists in domestic spiritual clearance – have never been busier. Although exhausted, Ruby is pleased. Her track record as well as her down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach inspires faith in the haunted, who willingly call on her high street consultancy when the supernatural takes hold.

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    It’s summertime, and the Sanford 3rd Age Club are living it up in the seaside town of Filey. But the hot months don’t pass without problems for amateur sleuth, Joe Murray.

    Was Nicola Leach’s death an accident or deliberate? Did Eddie Dobson fall into the sea or did he jump? What’s going on behind the innocent façade – and closed doors – of the Beachside Hotel? And who raided Joe’s room?

    Joe and his sidekicks must find the answers to solve the mystery of The Filey Connection.

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    #2 in David Robinson’s bestselling Sanford Third Age Club mystery series.

    It’s August and Gibraltar Hall hosts reality TV show I-Spy with Brenda as one of the contestants. Her Sanford 3rd Age Club friends arrive to welcome her back after a week’s stay in the house.

    Inside, feelings run strong between the Housies. Arguments become heated. Then one of them is found dead.

    With cameras covering most of the house, no one could have gone near the victim without being seen. No one from the outside could have entered the house without being seen. It must be suicide.

    But Joe knows it was murder and he must persuade the police of that. It’s a complex and maddening puzzle for the Sanford 3rd Age Club.

    Can they solve the impossible murder?

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    You can’t escape the past.

    DCI Sam Harvey’s mental stability is questioned when he fails to arrest his wife and daughter’s killer. Retired from the police force on ill-health grounds, he relocates to Sunnit-on-Sea where he joins the local bowling club and becomes a member of The Snuffit Club.

    Ten years later, members of the club begin to be murdered systematically. Sam suspects there could be a link between the deaths and to what happened to him before he moved to Sunnit-on-Sea.

    Feeling somehow responsible, and desperate to find the killer, Sam delves into his past, and in his quest for the truth he finds a dark and secretive world lurking beneath the surface.

    Is a serial killer on the loose at the Sunnit-on-Sea Snuffit Club?