Thriller (51)
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    “***** An outstanding debut. Unputdownable.”
    “***** A gut puncher.”
    “***** Dark, dangerous, daring.”
    “***** Wow. Very, very good.”
    “***** Tight, complex, edge-of-your-seat reading.”

    When ex soldier Brolin Walker arrives at Devils Lake, North Dakota, to pay a ransom to recover his stepson’s body, he’s convinced it will all go smoothly. But the body never turns up, and Brolin barely escapes the night with his life.

    Determined to find out what happened to his stepson, Brolin begins a deadly journey that takes him into an underworld of drug kingpins, addicts, and hitmen, and leaves him scrambling to unravel a dark mystery as shocking as his own past.

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    Belfast’s Retreat.

    An art gallery on Belfast’s prosperous Lisburn Road and a body found on a beautiful Northern Irish beach. What can possibly link them?

    When ambition and power begin to control lives, Superintendent Marc Craig and his team are called to Portstewart’s North Atlantic coast. What they find there links the past with the present, and casts the dark shadow of a terrorist over innocent lives.

    Marc Craig and his team follow a trail of lies and secrets, only to discover that no-one is beyond reproach. The Broken Shore.

    Book Five in the Craig Crime Series.

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    Espionage. Murder. Love.

    Jeff Mitchell has a headache and he doesn’t know why. But then, he doesn’t know much about his life at all. Only one word means something: carbon. 100% of diamonds and 20% of the human body. What does it have to do with the agents tailing him in New York? Or the threats against his life?

    Who is the exotic brunette who would kill to protect him? And the beautiful blonde in his bed?

    The Carbon Trail – the mind has no limits.

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    When something from Belfast’s troubled past happens again in 2014, everyone fears the worst and Marc Craig’s team is called.

    They find a place of contemplation and a distant country linked in an unexpected way. One which no-one could have foretold.

    The team also gains a new member, and in the background preparations continue for a momentous event, but everything depends on the case being solved first.

    The Careless Word. Be careful of what you say. Book Eight in the Craig Crime Series.

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    It’s Somerset for the Sanford 3rd Age Club and, at a busy charity weekend in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Joe, Sheila and Brenda are looking forward to a relaxing time.

    But along with the chocolate for the Great Egg Hunt, someone has hidden a body, and even before the rain stops, the STAC are in the thick of it. Threatened with violence as he tries to learn the identity of the bad-tempered redhead wandering round town, embroiled in blackmail and hidden personal histories, while the body count rises, Joe and his two companions struggle to make sense of what is going on around them.

    With the Easter Bonnet Parade to come, it’s obvious these are no accidents.

    They’re MURDER… amongst the chocolate eggs.

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    Belfast’s Suicide

    When a series of suicides occurs within a short period of time, and every one is committed by a person with everything to live for, Marc Craig’s suspicions begin to rise.

    On investigating, Craig’s team enters a world that links cyber reality with real lives, where respectable façades unravel to reveal hidden identities.

    The Coercion Key. Book Seven in the Craig Crime Series.

    Now complete the The Craig Crime Series:

    A Limited Justice
    The Grass Tattoo
    The Visitor
    The Waiting Room
    The Broken Shore
    The Slowest Cut
    The Coercion Key
    The Careless Word
    The History Suite
    The Sixth Estate
    The Sect
    The Keeper
    The Talion Code

    Catriona King’s Craig Series follow Marc Craig and his murder detective team as they hunt killers in Belfast and further afield. A truly modern British/Irish detective series with excellent stories and a real charm.

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    Everyone knows that Lakeham Abbey is cursed. All the stories say so. Throughout the years, there have been mad women, murders, and a general feeling of misery that drives people away. When another murder takes place there, it only adds to the legends.

    Some seventy years after his first visit to Lakeham Abbey, Percy Sullivan returns. He has lost none of his truculence nor his thirst for justice. The Abbey has been turned into luxury apartments, of which down-on-his-luck Percy is one of the first new residents.

    When Julia Marsh is murdered and her husband, fading rock star, Jake, is imprisoned, Percy is determined to find the killer and free the grandson of his greatest friends. Tensions rise as secrets that threaten to destroy everyone are uncovered.

    In a place where no one is entirely innocent, how will he ever find the guilty?

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    The Girl in the Empty Room. From the bestselling author of Isolation.

    A troubled single mother goes missing. A highly unusual sexually-transmitted infection spreads around a small town. Two bodies wash up on a beach.

    Are these seemingly unrelated events connected to a government plot to eliminate undesirable members of society; an ancient myth about an Indian chief; a series of unsolved copycat murders; or to a self-proclaimed shaman and tattooist – a man who believes his body art is infused with magical powers?

    Hundreds of people eventually succumb to the infection. The town is quarantined. The shaman’s tattoos do indeed come to life, inciting gruesome acts of violence. In a supernatural twist, the missing woman becomes an unlikely hero – a wrathful conduit – avenging a great evil perpetrated against a peaceful tribe of people hundreds of years ago.

    The Girl in the Empty Room is released September 2017.

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    #1 The Jim Cobb Murder Mysteries

    Between 1932 and 1942, five unidentified white males between 25 and 45 were murdered in gruesome circumstances known as the Hanging Murders. At the time, during the Depression, many men wandered the country looking for work, food, and a new beginning. No one missed them.

    Their murders were never solved. They became cold cases – until now, 1957.

    When a man is found hanging upside down, cut up like butcher’s meat in a slaughterhouse, Jim Cobb, Sheriff of Inyo County, begins to investigate. What follows is a gruesome, dark journey into the heart of America.

    The Hanging Murderer has returned.

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    A haunted manor house and an angry, violent spirit.

    It’s all in a night’s work for paranormal investigator, Lady Concepta Rand-Epping and her friends, Pete Brennan and Kevin Keeley. But when the nerve-jangling events at Melmerby Manor turn up 25,000 pirate video discs, matters become even more complicated.

    Then the discs disappear and a body is left in their place. Aided by Sceptre’s ghostly butler, challenged by sceptical police officers, threatened by vicious gangsters and the rampaging ghost, their very lives are on the line as they attempt to uncover the dark secrets behind.


    A supernatural mystery with a serious vein of dark humour.