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    A useful, succinct guide through the maze of marketing and social media. Methodical, easy to follow, and advises me to start a new notebook – what’s not to like? As someone who’s started along the path, but become a little lost and muddled, it was really helpful to see where I was getting things wrong, and what I could do to get things back on the right track.” 

    Jennifer C Wilson. Author of the Kindred Spirits series.

    As writers, we know how hard it is to try and get our books in front of the right readers, which is why I’ve written Building An Author Platform. Over the years i’ve made lots of mistakes. (Like Loads.) I’ve had lots of good advice, from within the industry and from working within marketing for charities and retail, and this is what i’ve figured out; there is no one-size-fits all for marketing, there is no right answer, and it can cost a fortune.

    But, there are certain ‘have to do’s’ ~ and if you can get those out of the way as quickly and as cleanly as possible, then you can get moving on finding your stride and building your tribe.

    (Yes, I rhymed, go ahead and roll your eyes.)

    The other thing I wanted to do is keep it cheap; we’re writers, we don’t all have the movie contracts and butter-beer rolling in, so this is the brass bolts of getting set-up, not letting it rule our lives and doing it on a shoestring.

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    Fear of other people? Most of us feel this occasionally, when giving a presentation or being grilled in a job interview. This is not social anxiety disorder.

    Fear of what other people think of you? We have all felt this, too. It is why we dress as we do and generally try to behave in a way that is expected of us. This is not social anxiety disorder either.

    But when those fears become so prevalent that they take over your life? When they cause you to hide away, either literally or by not revealing your real self? When you keep quiet in an attempt to avoid those raised eyebrows and the possible thoughts behind them? That is social anxiety disorder.

    And it is much more common than you might think. In the mental health table, it comes third – after alcoholism and depression – and yet most people don’t even know it exists.

    If you have social anxiety disorder, this book is for you.
    Even if you don’t have social anxiety disorder, you might have a friend, a relative or a work colleague who does. You might see it developing in your son, your daughter, or a child you teach. Then this book is for you, too.

    Social Anxiety Revealed is created by people who yearn to ditch all these problems and live their lives to the full.

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    Discover your ancestors. Grow your family tree.

    Trace your Roots is an invaluable guide for every budding genealogist.

    Full of effective tips and advice on tracing your family’s history, from gathering background information and deciphering old documents, to discovering and consulting less well-known records and reading between the lines when tackling civil resources.

    An easy-to-use guide for your ancestry research.