Fantasy (15)
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    England in the near future.

    Mainstream religions have been outlawed, and the old gods rule again.

    Iamo has been a priest of the Great Mother and is sworn to celibacy, but his love for Riga, a Black Shaman, a magical assassin, caused him to break his vows. After being imprisoned apart from each other for three years, Iamo accepts an offer to earn them both a pardon and the possibility of marriage. If they survive.

    Iamo and Riga must discover why demons are breaking through from the other side. Which of the cults are renegades who allow the demons through? Who can they trust?

    Combining their powers, they face the ordeal with the help of a band of eclectic pagans, spirit creatures, Riga’s Black Shaman brothers, an undercover Christian granny, and three unusually energetic Goths.

    It’s a tough assignment, but the hope of a life together keeps them fighting.

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    Released August 9, 2017

    Until she collected one million dollars, mild-mannered Professor Tabatha Davis knew no one-eyed, steampunking oncologist, ate no anatomically correct marzipan, and paid for no Catalina Islands trip. Nonetheless, after winning the Furmeet’s jackpot, she became shadowed by a second rate media crew, befriended by a peanut butter and jelly sushi entrepreneur, and was blamed for the python strangulation of a horse whisperer. What’s more, she was abandoned by her cat, stumped by infatuations, and nearly killed by a draft horse.

    Tabatha’s snort-chocolate-milk-through-your-nose-funny story is a must read! Ten Kilo and One Million entertains with stoned visual artists, wild thespians, random academics, and a confused HVAC technician, while, more importantly, examining self-discovery and challenging the worth we attribute to fame.

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    Oceans and Worlds Apart

    Cas is called home, to the other side of the world, when her grandparents are taken ill. The last thing she expects when she reaches New Zealand is to meet someone from her past. Can she learn to look past her painful memories and allow happiness into her heart?

    In the meantime, Sam and Niall struggle to maintain their relationship while living apart, but still manage to rewrite the history of the Roman Empire in Scotland with Sam’s first university dig.

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    The Past is a Lost Book

    While visiting the beautiful Hebridean island of Lismore, Cas and Sam stumble upon a new chapter of the island’s past. Once again, they are confronted by the ghosts of the distant past, and ancient tragedy combines with present danger as each is faced with a fresh challenge.

    Archaeology provides a strong bond between Cas and her favourite men, but the mystery they uncover proves easier to solve than the ongoing conflicts in her personal life, and love seems as fragile and elusive as ever.

    The Book of Lismore is the sequel to The Calgary Chessman, also published by Crooked Cat Publishing

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    There is magic in the heart of the wind.

    Her name is Sushila Mackenzie. She is a damaged soul, running away to the peaceful refuge of her childhood home, as far away from life as she can get. She seeks sanctuary on a remote Scottish island, but the man she meets there will change her forever – and the difference he makes in her world is one she could never have imagined.

    Escape to a place forged not by time, but by memories.