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The Beltane Choice

Brand: Nancy Jardine
Product Code: Historical Adventure
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Can the Celtic Tribes repel the Roman army?

AD 71


Banished from the nemeton, becoming a priestess is no longer the future for Nara, a princess of the Selgovae tribe. Now charged with choosing a suitable mate before Beltane, her plan is thwarted by Lorcan, an enemy Brigante prince, who captures her and takes her to his hill fort. Despite their tribes fighting each other, Nara feels drawn to her captor, but time runs out for her secret quest.


As armies of the Roman Empire march relentlessly northwards, Lorcan intends to use Nara as a marriage bargain, knowing all Celtic tribes must unite to be strong enough to repel imminent Roman attack. Nara’s father, Callan, agrees to a marriage alliance between Selgovae and Brigante, but has impossible stipulations. Lorcan is torn between loyalty to his tribe and growing love for Nara.  


When danger and death arrive in the form of the mighty Roman forces, will Nara be able to choose her Beltane lover?



The Celtic Fervour Series:


The Beltane Choice


After Whorl: Bran Reborn


After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks


Approx. pages 215

ISBN:  978-1-908910-19-6

The Beltane Choice is also available in paperback. Order your copy on Amazon or ask for it in your local bookstore.

"Unusual, unique... What a fabulous book!"

very human and personal story with a very believable vision of Late Iron Age society


5*, Mark Patton, archaeologist and author of An Accidental King


“ wild as that untamed land and as sweet as heather mead”


5*, Kate Robbins, author of Bound to the Highlander


“her careful selection of words enhanced the imagery...ancient-century Romeo and Juliet”


The Reading Cafe



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