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Mark Patton
United Kingdom

Mark Patton was born in Jersey in 1965, the son of an Irish father and an English mother. Like most islanders, the sea played an important part in his childhood: “I can’t remember whether I learned to swim or walk first, but pretty much at the same time – and later took up sailing and scuba-diving.” Jersey is also an archaeological paradise and Mark started exploring the island’s dolmens (the monuments that he later went on to write about in Statements in Stone) from about the age of nine.

Mark studied Archaeology and Anthropology at Clare College Cambridge and then took his PhD at University College London (those stone monuments again!). After brief periods as a Research Fellow in Leiden and Paris, Mark became the Curator of Archaeology for the Jersey Museums Service in 1990. In 1993, Mark moved to the UK to take up an academic career, and has since taught at Trinity College Carmarthen (now Trinity University College) and at the Universities of Greenwich and Westminster. Recent years have taken him into academic leadership, serving as a Dean at the University of Westminster and taking the lead in developing global academic partnerships.

Mark now teaches with the Open University, which leaves him more time for writing. He is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Royal Society of Literature.

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