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Lizzie Koch

Lizzie’s writing career started by accident. After starting her blog, she stumbled across the flash fiction circuit from which her first piece of flash fiction inspired this novel. Flash fiction is still a huge part of Lizzie’s life, fuelling inspiration as well as exploring other genres. That’s the dream job.

By day, Lizzie works in a local primary school as a Higher level Teaching Assistant, spreading her joy and passion for writing, and cooking, helping to run the after school cooking club.

Lizzie is married to Ralph who she met whilst working at Harrods, one of many exciting and different jobs she has had during her career. They have a son, Ethan.

Writers block is solved with chocolate, cake or talking with her cat Indi. When not writing or working, Lizzie enjoys baking, blustery beach walks with hubby along the Sussex Coast, and joining her friends for the pub quiz where they tend to lose badly.

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