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Laura Huntley

Laura lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, with her partner and three children. Her flash fiction, short stories and poetry have been widely published in anthologies including Fear: A Modern Anthology of Horror And Terror, Dracula’s Midnight Snacks, Strangely Funny and Proud to be a Vampire. She has won five writing competitions with her stories: Him & Her, The Red Jumper, My Sister Rosie, Just Like Her Mother and The 99 steps. Black Eyed Boy was her debut novel. The sequel, Green Eyed Girl, soon followed, and she is now busy writing the third and final instalment.

In 2013, she started a writing group at her local library, to encourage and inspire likeminded scribblers. Laura is a fan of all things horror, holidays in Whitby, high heel shoes, talking too much and laughing at inappropriate moments. She is mostly nocturnal.

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