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David W Robinson

David Robinson is a Yorkshireman living on the outskirts of Manchester, northwest England, with his wife and a crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Joe (because he looks like a Joe). David has been a writer, for over thirty years, having begun with magazine articles and short stories, before moving on to novels and TV scripts.

Possessed of a huge, if cynical, sense of humour, he writes under a number of pseudonyms:

As David W Robinson he writes cosy, often light-hearted novels and novellas, such as the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries, all of which are published by Crooked Cat.

As David Robinson, he turns out darker, edgier works, like The Handshaker and Voices, which are aimed exclusively at an adult audience. The Spookies Mysteries, while lighter and more humorous, are also written as David Robinson.

Describing himself as the Doyen of Domestic Disasters, David can be found blogging at  and frequently appears on video, dispensing his cynical, domestic humour at

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