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Dafni Ma

Dafni Ma was born in Greece on a sunny Tuesday morning. She likes to refer to herself in third person and she is also a huge lover of metafiction. In fact, the two of them are in a peaceful relationship since 2008.

After she decided that the Latin dance teacher was not what she wanted to be her profession, she gave up the ballrooms and studied in the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos. For some time she also worked in an advertising company as a junior copywriter and as a freelance editor and translator for screenplays.

She has enrolled in numerous online seminars for everything under the sun and participated in many writing contests from around the world, which some of them she won. The summer of 2016 she also took part in the Cambridge Summer Programme, in which she learned a lot about her favourite writer of all times, Shakespeare.

Dafni, in general, writes and she writes a lot. From poetry to screenplays, from chick lit to sci-fi novels, she is interested in everything has to do with the written word.

And now, she knows not how to continue writing this bio, so she will stop.

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