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Carrie-Ann Schless

Carrie-Ann has had a passion for writing from a young age and is forever writing down little snippets and ideas. After having a few poems published during and since her school years, Another Woman’s Man has become Carrie-Ann’s debut novel.

She spends most of her time with her three children, cats and dog including afternoons at the park and walks and picnics in the nearby woods, as well as juggling school runs, work, her love of amateur dramatics and a social life and has still found time to start on book two. She is extremely excited to be joining the team at Crooked Cat.

Another Woman’s Man

Casey Turner finds herself sad and single again after a seven year relationship. After multiple miscarriages she is adjusting to the realisation she will never be a mum, just as all her friends are getting married and having children. Feeling alone she finds herself drawn to a man she can’t have. Her exes best friend. Although he has a girlfriend she finds she can’t stay away. The question is, does he really care for her too, or is he just having his cake and eating it. Torn between her feelings and her morals we follow her through months of following the wrong path. Will she find the right one?

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