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Ailsa Abraham

Ailsa Abraham retired early from a string of jobs, ending up teaching English to adults. She has lived in France since 1990 and is married with no children but six grandchildren. Her passion is motorbikes which have taken the place of horses in her life now that ill-health prevents her riding. She copes with Bipolar Condition, a twisted arthritic spine and increasing deafness with her usual wry humour – “well if I didn’t have all those, I’d have to work for a living, instead of being an author, which is much more fun.”. Her ambition in life is to keep breathing. She has no intention of stopping writing. She writes pagan magical realism and detective fiction under a pen-name.

Her passions are animals welfare and running an orphanage for homeless teddy bears.

Shaman’s Drum published by Crooked Cat

Four Go Mad in Catalonia – self-published, available from Smashwords

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