Well, hello there

Thunder Moon

Fancy seeing you here. You’ll be wanting to know a little bit about us. We’re Crooked Cat, an international publishing house, founded in 2011 by husband and wife team, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson. We publish the most exceptional stories, of a high quality, and written by the most amazing authors.

We’re no fly-by-nighters either. The team has years of experience in editing, writing and reviewing, and a number of academic and fiction publications between them, and want to provide talented authors with a comfy home to share their stories.

Let us tell you some more…


Wings to Fly - FrontWe think we love you. Us too! In the last five years, we’ve released over 150 titles. You’ll find them all over Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and a number of other online stores. Crooked Cat Books look great, read great, and are great.

We publish writing of a high quality, with exceptional storylines and fascinating characters, so you never need to worry about being bored. Catch our latest books over on the front page of the website – and have a gander at our back catalogue, too. There are gems, and lots of ’em!


The May QueenWe don’t just love books, we love authors too. We see ourselves as a small group of professionals helping authors of quality fiction reach their goal of publication. At times, our titles don’t always match common trends, but that’s maybe why we take them.

We’re proud to be a part of a world-class supportive community of writers, all supportive, all encouraging, and have the most up-to-date social media portals, a growing fanbase of readers, and we make a mean cup of virtual tea – the staple diet of any contemporary author.

So, if you fancy giving us a go, we have a submission page not too far away from here. Get to know us, find out what we’re looking for, and send us your stuff, if you’d like to.


Unrequited AliceWe don’t mean to boast but we’re really rather good. You may already have realised that. Crooked Cat has a brilliant team of editors, and works closely with a number of professional cover designers to ensure our books uphold the high quality standards we expect of a successful and attractive publication.

You can find out who we are and what we’re up to. And because we’re so very nice, you’ll find all our books and authors all laid out in a lovely order, waiting for you to meet them.

What now? Just head over to meet the team. Warning: we look great!

So what’ll be the first Crooked Cat book you choose to read?